Fish farming

We provide consultations services concerning fish farming and aquaculture activities

Computerized feed formulation

Correct feed formulation is a foundation for successful fish farming and livestock keeping. We formulate livestock and fish feed accurately using computer programs

ICT's for business and agriculture

We develop computer programs such as website, mobile apps and other software for easy business, projects and  farm management

Research and data analysis

Through Information literacy trainings, we help students and other researchers to get valid and accurate academic information useful in research process and avoid plagiarism. In addition we guide students and researchers during the course of research project writings and assist them through reviewing, commenting and correcting. 


We provide trainings on different fields including Computer (ICT's) trainings, Fish farming trainings, Agribusiness trainings, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Information literacy, Research and data analysis trainings,

Fish fingerlings and seeds

We sale fish fingerlings and seeds to different fish farmers and producers for only Tshs 200 only

Fruit and tree seedlings

We sale trees and fruits seedlings at an affordable price. Mangoes, avocadoes, papaya, passion, oranges, lemon and other fruits seedlings are all available for only Tshs 2500/=